Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Road Ahead

As we get ready to make the drive out, I thought I'd share the route we'll be taking. I've included a map of the overall trip. It might not match our exact route but it gives you a sense of the general areas we'll be in. The A-B trip is the pre-trip trip so to speak. We'll be traveling from Mel's parents' house in Merrimack, NH over to my mother's house in East Nassau, NY. From there we spend a few days making the last few arrangements, maintenance to my car and bit of packing before we head out on the main adventure.

We haven't set specific markers the road ahead but we're anticipating the overall journey should take about a week. If I summon enough caffeine induced moxie to drive longer shifts, it may end up being quicker. The possibility of burning out or hitting some kind of technical snag could also throw us off by a day or two. Still, I'll make sure (and Mel will enforce) that I pace myself well enough.

Will we make it in a week? Beat the clock? Get held up? Who knows. Just check back here often and watch as the ride begins.

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