About the Travelers

Eric Notaro
Eric has his BA in Creative Writing from Chester College of New England. Originally from the middle of nowhere in New York, he loves to travel and to learn about history, philosophy, and art. Samples of his work, random musings and a list of his publications are located on the internet.
His reason for going on this adventure is because he is attending grad school in at the University of Alaska Fairbanks for an MFA in Creative Writing.
Eric is the driver for the entire length of the journey. He has made many road trips before but none so long and expansive as this.

Melinda Vieira
Mel is just your average graphic designer trying to get you to buy things you may not want. Or trying to get other people to buy your things. View her work at this other site.
She often walks around picking up strange pieces of trash on the ground. She turns that trash into jewelry.
Her reason for this adventure is a lack of a real job and the need to leave her hometown. She hopes to find gainful employment in the frozen wastelands of Alaska.