Sunday, July 10, 2011

More Canada: Flat and Rugged

One thing I've noticed about most Canadians: they're not afraid to strike up a conversation. While filling up somewhere in Eastern Alberta, an older man filling up his RV stepped over to my side.

"From New York, huh?"
"Around Albany."
"Really? My wife and I were just there three weeks ago--well, not that far south but close."

Maybe it's just a trait of people from the "heartland" or just something people who spend a lot of time on the road do.

After leaving Saskatoon, we headed northwest bound for Edmonton, really the last large city in our trip. We crossed into Mountain time just as the land began to rise and dip a little more. One thing to remind us of where we are: the trees became almost exclusively coniferous, tall and packed together. Eventually we ended up back in flat territory though soon we'll be crossing deep into British Columbia and Yukon. As of writing this, we're on the western edge of Alberta, in Grand Prairie. We're a little more than 2800 miles into the trip.

Perhaps another post in the morning, I should really get to bed.

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