Saturday, July 9, 2011

Day 2 and some of 3

Today we hit a bird or he hit us. :(
And today is our last day in the states. We will be in Canada shortly. Who knows how many posts we can make. We will probably post more after we get settled. There are a lot of photos. And probably more stories.

Yesterday, Eric got a call from the bone marrow people. They want his blood to see if they want his bone. Uhhh. It's hard to think on an unknown deadline.

Oh we did get to the boring store. We got stickers. Eric got a pin and I got a bomb timer. (much better then an onion timer.)

So much nothing. We hope to get to Regina, sk today. And to find Canadian money. I'm hoping more find then trade in. Er, buy. There is nothing here so I'll type w bit longer. Oh there is a bridge. To and from where?

Alright, I'm signing off. Post next time we find wi-fi.

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