Saturday, July 16, 2011

Mel writes about birds and posts a few pics.

Eric is also writing a post at this moment. I'm just annoyed at IP providers and should be sewing. I recently got a commission for 10-20 plush daggers-- they have to be there by the 8th. I just got a sewing machine. I accidentally named it The Raven.

Speaking of ravens. I didn't take any photos of them (this is Eric pic), but they are all over the place. On the Alaska Highway norther BC or southern Yukon we saw two of them on the side of the road and after hitting a bird in North Dakota we were a little nervous of the birds there. It looked like one of them was fumbling with trash. When they flew away we saw that it had a plastic bag in its bill-- filled with crackers. "humans, get the loot let's get out of here."

(above)This is my first sighting of a magpie. They are related to crows, but I think they are adorable.

Oh, on the Alaska Highway in Yukon I saw a bald eagle. I know, though Alaska has the most bald eagles in the States. It's too bad though that the Chickadees in Alaska are having problems now. (probably a contaminant.)

(above) Cleveland has some neat things.

(above)Gary- chief export-- pollution.

(above) Chicago line.

(above) Min's Bud plant. I thought Merrimack's was the ugliest.

(above)Kluane Lake-- Yukon's largest

(above) LONDON DRUGS?! I have a comic about that. Will post later.

Seems Eric finished first.

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