Sunday, July 10, 2011

Miscelaneous Midwest

Hello all, due to a bit of a rushed morning yesterday I was unable to do a post. I'll post twice today to cover lost ground.
We left Indiana and headed west toward Chicago. Passing through the industrial wasteland of Gary, Indiana, we crossed over into the Central time zone. Shortly thereafter, the skyline of Chicago was in sight.

You may be thinking, "gee that looks like a lot of cars." My answer? "UUUUUGGHHH." Traffic was even worse than in Erie. This was around 10am, in other words, this wasn't even close to rush hour. Still, we inched forward until we reached the exit for our first stop:

This is the storefront for 826 Chicago, Mel and I decided to stop in while wearing our 826 Boston attire.

Once that was done we made our way north to Wisconsin and Minnesota. I'd post more on that but I'm trying to get as much as we can done before we leave for the day. I'll have our first leg of Canada up in a bit.

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